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Time for some health discussion.

Lauren and I are diet buddies.
I'm not going to record everything I eat, because then I'll lapse into a coma.
Tomorrow being the start of a new month (and also lent, sure), I'm going to LOSE WEIGHT AND FEEL GREAT! Lauren can give her take on this.

01. each food group each day
02. EXTREME decrease in fast food and sweets (the joy is only there for five minutes while you're eating, and then you feel awful)
03. yoga every day
04. stationary bike several times a week
05. running when there's no snow (so like, not often)
06. three meals each day
07. fish oil pill each day
08. should I start drinking milk..? I'm very hesitant on this one.
09. never weigh myself. Not that I have a scale here anyway. Not that I know what kilgrams are anyway.
10. walk instead of taking the bus/tram whenever possible
11. stop sleeping so much. Groggy="today's ruined"=FOOD

I am an inch taller than her; I should look similar to this. But I am determined to do it in a completely healthy and safe way.

The ultimate goal is to instill these things into me so that I never think about food or exercise but I just DO it naturally.

Also, instead of relaxing by eating, I think I will relax by listening to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and painting my nails and taking more showers than I need to just so I can use my green tea soap and my rose body cream.

I really feel like doing this will make me feel so much better, and I think when I feel better David will feel better because he worries about me because I sleep all the time and eat all the time. And I love him. And I love me. And I need to stop "hurting myself" this way.

Tomorrow will be a great day; I can feel it.
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