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Great day

Yesterday morning I jogged and ate healthy. I did the same today.
This afternoon I went into the salle de sport to get some time in on the stationary bike, and one of the girls from our trip was working out; she's very thin. It inspired me. So I did 20 minutes, maybe even a little more, and I felt like I was going to die. But having other people in the room (there were three others by this time) made me feel like I should continue. We ended up yelling at each other to keep going.

Then one of the girls got a ballet abdominals tape, and we did it in the gym. David led us in some leg lifts, we did 50 squats, and that was that. I ate a mandarin for the first time. What a fabulous day.

I went to McDonalds for lunch. HOWEVER I had a chicken sandwich, NO FRIES, and water! I am proud. I figure that's around 500 calories, hey maybe even more, but for a meal, and considering that I had probably 100 calories other than that meal, that's just fine.

I plan to eat more tomorrow, and perhaps to go jogging again. If anyone will go with me.

Great day. :)
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