Le commencement.

Although the potato casserole that my mom made was very delicious, I elected to eat a half-portion and fill the rest of my meal with a large ceasar salad (fat-free dressing, with whole-grain trans-fat-free croutons).

Before that I did my 4-mile tape. I went to the doctor last week and I wouldn't let them tell me my weight because I don't care what it is. I just want to be healthy, because I always feel better emotionally when I do. I'm going to take some omega-3 vitamins and some other generic women's vitamin. And calcium because I don't drink milk. Or nutella. Well I don't eat it but I don't think it's a good source of calcium either way. Or of anything for that matter.

For those of us who don't read Glamour, a large movie popcorn (apparently every movie theater in the world has the same butter topping) has 126 grams of fat and over 1300 calories. You know that's more than you should have in a week (fat)/day (calories). That's not to say that eating movie popcorn is bad. Eating a WHOLE large movie popcorn is bad. Share a small one with a person or two; you'll be alright.

I'm going to eat at Subway every day when school starts. And I'm not going to get a Starbucks frappuccino every day. And I'm going to park on the far end of campus no matter where my classes are. And I'm going to study whenever I get a break so I can relax when I get home.

Last semester was going really well before the hurricane. I finished reading my first history book by Wednesday. And I only ate at Rallys once that week. I'll achieve this again.

The movie Mindhunters was ridiculous. Sometimes I just have ideas.
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Great day

Yesterday morning I jogged and ate healthy. I did the same today.
This afternoon I went into the salle de sport to get some time in on the stationary bike, and one of the girls from our trip was working out; she's very thin. It inspired me. So I did 20 minutes, maybe even a little more, and I felt like I was going to die. But having other people in the room (there were three others by this time) made me feel like I should continue. We ended up yelling at each other to keep going.

Then one of the girls got a ballet abdominals tape, and we did it in the gym. David led us in some leg lifts, we did 50 squats, and that was that. I ate a mandarin for the first time. What a fabulous day.

I went to McDonalds for lunch. HOWEVER I had a chicken sandwich, NO FRIES, and water! I am proud. I figure that's around 500 calories, hey maybe even more, but for a meal, and considering that I had probably 100 calories other than that meal, that's just fine.

I plan to eat more tomorrow, and perhaps to go jogging again. If anyone will go with me.

Great day. :)
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i dont know what to eat. i havent had a very wide variety of foods lately. yoplait smoothies and dehydrated pineapples and the like help me to not miss candies.
what helps you?

Day 1

I'll probably edit this post later to add some things, because I just woke up. At 12. But I did that on purpose. Something I failed to mention earlier was that I want to completely cut out caffeine (except for the tea), because it has such a profound effect on me. So today was catch-up day, and from now on I'm going back to that weining myself from sleep like I say so many times. Of course I won't go below a certain number of hours, because the goal is to be HEALTHY!

So I woke up at 12 and got dressed all pretty, which was a feat in itself. Normally I would say "half the day is gone!" and roll over in bed and keep the curtains closed all day and wear my pajamas and not go to school, and of course go to the grocery across the street and EAT. In fact, on these days I would sometimes take the bus and walk in the freezing cold just to get a hamburger, when I had perfectly fine soup and such in my refrigerator. Ugh. BUT today has been great so far, even if it has only been an hour long!

Lauren, I think you would like my outfit, but I don't want to take a picture until I get back on track. But I'll tell you about it. Aqua boat-neck shirt, fuschia beaded bolero, black pleated knee-skirt, purple stockings, pink/purple/brown/red/yellow sparkly knee-socks, tan mary-jane-type shoes. Hello Japanese street fashion. Well no, it would only be Japanese street fashion if I had a stuffed bunny on my head or something.

And I know I said that to lead a more productive life, I wouldn't use the internet during the day. However, this is one of the first times I've had to eat lunch at home alone (David had class), and I wanted to get two things done at once. So in fact, I am being MORE productive.

I've opened my window, turned on my lantern lights, and just finished eating some pink grapefruit yogurt, water, and fish oil. If I get hungry again before 2 (when I leave for class) I'll eat a rice cake. I know what you're thinking too -- that's not enough food! But first of all, I completely missed breakfast. Secondly, I feel like I'm still full from yesterday! I'm going to eat dinner tonight, and then tomorrow I'll add more food.

I know this post wasn't completely nutrition-related, but it was extremely MIND-related, which I feel is THE KEY.

The weather is sunny, and I can see fluffy white clouds!! I hope you have a great day too!
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Time for some health discussion.

Lauren and I are diet buddies.
I'm not going to record everything I eat, because then I'll lapse into a coma.
Tomorrow being the start of a new month (and also lent, sure), I'm going to LOSE WEIGHT AND FEEL GREAT! Lauren can give her take on this.

01. each food group each day
02. EXTREME decrease in fast food and sweets (the joy is only there for five minutes while you're eating, and then you feel awful)
03. yoga every day
04. stationary bike several times a week
05. running when there's no snow (so like, not often)
06. three meals each day
07. fish oil pill each day
08. should I start drinking milk..? I'm very hesitant on this one.
09. never weigh myself. Not that I have a scale here anyway. Not that I know what kilgrams are anyway.
10. walk instead of taking the bus/tram whenever possible
11. stop sleeping so much. Groggy="today's ruined"=FOOD

See how she has no fat but her bones aren't sticking out either?Collapse )

The ultimate goal is to instill these things into me so that I never think about food or exercise but I just DO it naturally.

Also, instead of relaxing by eating, I think I will relax by listening to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and painting my nails and taking more showers than I need to just so I can use my green tea soap and my rose body cream.

I really feel like doing this will make me feel so much better, and I think when I feel better David will feel better because he worries about me because I sleep all the time and eat all the time. And I love him. And I love me. And I need to stop "hurting myself" this way.

Tomorrow will be a great day; I can feel it.
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Something that candlesnpanties would love!

Life in France on a Sunday morning
+ Victoria's Secret LOVE PINK yellow sweatpants
+ old high school t-shirt
+ pink knee socks with orange hearts
+ hair in a ponytail (right here)
+ Cosmo
+ black-rimmed glasses
+ sunshine
+ tomato juice in tiny bottles
+ a cedar-scented candle
+ green/pink/black/yellow striped boyshorts with green lace and a pink bow
+ the Amélie soundtrack
+ pumpkin soup for lunch
+ yoga
+ hand-writing a letter to my sister
= happiness.
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i read the label on one of my chapstick tubes and it said "egg-ceptional, fabul-oeufs".

it is not egg flavored. its easter flavored. but still. you speak french so i decided to let you know.


Amy's triple-scented country candles are just divine, but burn noticeably faster than Yankee candles, my other favorite. The scent strengths seem about equal and I think Yankees (at least the small ones) are cheaper, so here's what we have:

-burn time
+a cute idea in general
+carrot cake

+burn time
+more from which to choose

Feel free to add, but at 2:2, that's my conclusion.

Someone please post about something other than candles and panties!
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