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Something that candlesnpanties would love!

Life in France on a Sunday morning
+ Victoria's Secret LOVE PINK yellow sweatpants
+ old high school t-shirt
+ pink knee socks with orange hearts
+ hair in a ponytail (right here)
+ Cosmo
+ black-rimmed glasses
+ sunshine
+ tomato juice in tiny bottles
+ a cedar-scented candle
+ green/pink/black/yellow striped boyshorts with green lace and a pink bow
+ the Amélie soundtrack
+ pumpkin soup for lunch
+ yoga
+ hand-writing a letter to my sister
= happiness.
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i was waiting for YOU to update because you live in france. things are just more interesting coming from france.

i burned my carrot cake candle in memory of you. only, not really. i burned it because i wanted my room to smell good. but i thought of you when it was burning. now i just have an orange slab. i want to mail you some american goods. what is your ad(d)ress?
I am going to e-mail my address to you